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565--The Loch Ness Monster is first sighted.

1862--Composer Claude Debussy is born.

1906--The Victor Talking Machine Company of Camden, New Jersey, begins to manufacture the Victrola (record player). The hand-cranked unit, with horn cabinet, sold for $200. Records sold separately (of course).

1917--Mississippi blues musician, John Lee Hooker, is born.

1920--Science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury, is born.

1926--British actress, Honor Blackman, is born. She became a (James) Bond girl: she played the role of Pussy Galore in "Goldfinger."

1932--The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) begins its first experimental TV broadcast in England.

1956--Filming begins on Elvis Presley’s movie debut, “The Reno Brothers.” The movie is later re-titled “Love Me Tender.” During filming, Presley stays with his parents in Hollywood’s Knickerbocker Hotel.

1960--The Beatles perform at the Indra Club, Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, West Germany.

1962--The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club at lunchtime and then again at night. During the lunchtime session, a film crew from Granada TV films the performance of two songs (Some Other Guy and Kansas City / Hey Hey Hey Hey) for the television program “Know the North.” At the end of Some Other Guy the microphone picks up a fan’s shout, “We want Pete!” it having been less than a week since Pete Best’s dismissal from The Beatles. Unfortunately, the conditions in the club are not suitable for good filming, and the footage will be judged unsatisfactory for broadcast. The film is shelved, but it is exhumed for broadcast (November 6, 1963, on the show “Scene at 6:30”) once The Beatles have become famous. Since then, it has been widely shown. Some of the film footage has disappeared over the years, but Some Other Guy is largely intact. For many years this was the only known film of a Beatles performance before they achieved national fame, and the only film of them performing in the Cavern Club. In 1996, a 35-second color, soundless film of The Beatles performing at the Cassanova Club on February 14, 1961, will be discovered by the son of the fan who filmed it.

1963--The Beatles perform at the Gaumont Cinema, Bournemouth.

1963--The Beatles tape an appearance for the Southern Television program “Day by Day,” broadcast locally from Southampton. They perform lip-sync to She Loves You. Recording is done at Southern Independent Television Centre, Northam, Southampton, Hampshire. The show was broadcast that same evening.

1964--Veering into Canada on their first American tour, The Beatles perform for an audience of 20,261 at the Empire Stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia. The concert is also broadcast live by a local radio station.

1964--Liberty Records announces that its album The Chipmunks Sing the Beatles is selling 25,000 copies per day.

1965--The Beatles' airplane, flying to Portland, Oregon, catches fire, but luckily no one is injured.

1965--The Beatles, on tour in North America, perform two shows at Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon. Total attendance is 20,000. Between performances, the Beatles are visited in their dressing-room by Carl Wilson and Mike Love of The Beach Boys.

1966--Police in New York manage to talk two teenagers down from a 22nd-floor ledge. The girls had threatened to commit suicide unless they met the Beatles. Instead, they’re sent to Roosevelt Hospital to get their heads examined.

1967--The Beatles in the recording studio (Chappell Recording Studios, Maddox Street, London). Recording Paul McCartney’s song Your Mother Should Know.

1968--The Beatles in the recording studio (Studio Two, EMI Studios, London). The constant bickering and tension finally becomes too much for Ringo Starr: he quits The Beatles and walks out, leaving the country to think about his future. The news of Ringo’s departure is kept secret, and the press does not hear about it. Ringo will rejoin The Beatles on September 3rd. After Ringo leaves, the remaining Beatles carry on and record Back In the USSR, with Paul McCartney on drums and John Lennon playing bass. Five takes are recorded.

1968--A day before their sixth anniversary, Cynthia Lennon files for divorce from John, citing his relationship with Yoko Ono.

1969--John Lennon’s Tittenhurst estate (in Suningdale, Ascot, Berkshire) is the location for the Beatles last photographic session. The photographers were Ethan Russell, Monty Fresco, and Mal Evans. Locations included: 1) pillars in front of the main house; 2) main garden path; 3) maddock of high grass; 4) John and Yoko posing with donkeys; 5) cypress tree by the Diana statue; 6) weeping blue atlas cedar trees; 7) atlas trees; 8) lawn near main house; 9) balcony; 10) side doorway in the assembly hall; 11) arched porches; 12) walled path between cottages and main house; 13) indoors; 14) and southern balcony of main house.

1969--The Beatles film a promotional clip for the song The Long and Winding Road.

1970--Elvis is on the comeback trail, as the King announces his first nationwide tour since 1958.

1970--Eric Clapton enters the studio to begin recording the Derek & the Dominos album, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs.

1979--George Harrison’s book “I Me Mine” is published in a limited edition of 2,000 copies, which sell for £148 pounds per book. A less expensive edition is published later. The book provides lyrics to all of George’s songs. John Lennon was hurt by George’s only slight mention of his role in the development of George’s songwriting.

1983--UK re-release of The Beatles’ single She Loves You / I’ll Get You (Parlophone). This is a 20th anniversary reissue, issued both as a regular single and as a picture disc.

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