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551 BC--Confucius (K’ung Fu-tzu) is born.

1910--Mother Teresa is born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in Yugoslavia.

1937--Teen idol, Tommy Sands, is born. He was handled by Elvis Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, and was molded in the same style and image as “The King.” All this considered, Sands was a great singer with his own type of charisma, and had quite a few hits in the 1950s, among them, Teenage Crush.

1943--Tuesday Weld is born Susan Kerr in New York City. Dream girl of the 1950s, she starred in the popular TV series, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,” and the cult rock ‘n’ roll film, “Rock, Rock, Rock.”

1949--Barbara Bach (Goldbach) is born in Queens, New York. This beautiful lady started out as one of the “Bond” girls and ended up becoming Ringo Starr’s second wife, after meeting the former Beatle on the set of the movie, “Cavemen,” in which they co-starred.

1960--The Beatles perform at the Indra Club, Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, West Germany.

1961--The Beatles perform at the Casbah Coffee Club, West Derby, Liverpool.

1963--The Beatles perform at the Odeon Cinema in Southport.

1963--The Beatles are part of the filming of a documentary being made to explore the “Mersey Beat” boom. Their contract with the producer stipulates that they will not appear in a rival documentary being made, to be called “Beat City.” To avoid the difficulties of filming a live Beatles concert, filming is done in a studio with the boys performing Twist and Shout and She Loves You, with the group wearing their grey collarless suits. Later, they perform Love Me Do wearing black collarless suits. The studio performances are intercut with scenes of the Beatles' hysterical fans, taped the previous night at the Odeon Cinema in Southport. For the Love Me Do segment, the released single version of the song is dubbed onto the film, scrapping the “live” studio version.

1964--The Beatles, touring the USA, perform a show at Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio, in front of 14,000 fans. The Beatles fly to New York City right after their performance, and even though they arrive at 2:55 a.m., they are greeted at the airport by 2,000 fans.

1964--During The Beatles American tour, Brian Epstein disappears for one night and one day.

1965--The Beatles, on the last day of a five-day break from their North American tour, attend a recording session for The Byrds. Later that afternoon, the Beatles meet Elvis Presley at his mansion in Beverly Hills. It is an awkward meeting, one that leaves the Beatles with the impression that Presley’s personality is decidedly “unmagnetic.” Many years later, when talking about meeting Elvis for "The Beatles Anthology," all three surviving Beatles has completely different stories about what actually happened. Mystery surrounds the coming together of these mega rock stars to this day.

1967--Brian Epstein dies at the age of 32. He is found dead in his bed at home. A coroner’s inquest will later rule that his death was accidental suicide, the result of an accumulation of the barbiturate Carbitol within his body over a period of two to three days. The Beatles are in North Wales with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, where Paul McCartney receives a phone call with the news that Brian has died. Paul and his girlfriend, Jane Asher, leave immediately for London. In interviews later that day, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are visibly shaken, but say the Maharishi had told them that death was natural and something not to be feared or mourned. Deeply disturbed, the three remaining Beatles return from Bangor to London. The New York Times eulogizes Brian as “the man who revolutionized pop music in our time.” John later claims he knew the Beatles were over when Epstein died.

1967--The “Sunday Express” reveals that Pete Best is working in a bakery in Liverpool, earning £18 a week.

1969--Each of the Beatles sells his remaining shares in NEMS Enterprises.

1992--At an auction, the handwritten lyrics to The Beatles song Day in the Life sell for $87,000.

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