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Rose Kennedy1796--Cleveland, Ohio, is founded by General Moses Cleaveland.

1890--Rose Kennedy, mother of future history-making politicians John, Robert, and Ted Kennedy, is born.

1934--Public enemy number one, the notorious John Dillinger, is gunned down and mortally wounded by FBI agents at the Biograph Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.

Teen idol Bobby Sherman.1942--Gasoline rationing begins in the US during World War II.

1943--Teen idol and “Shindig” star, Bobby Sherman, is born in Santa Monica, California.

1961--The Beatles perform at Holyoake Hall, Wavertree, Liverpool.

1962--The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club at night.

US VeeJay Beatles LP, Introducing The Beatles.1963--US release of The Beatles’ LP, Introducing The Beatles (VeeJay). Songs: I Saw Her Standing There, Misery, Anna, Chains, Boys, Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You, Baby It's You, Do You Want to Know a Secret, A Taste of Honey, There's a Place, and Twist and Shout.

1963--The Beatles perform at the Odeon Cinema in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. This is the first of six consecutive nights playing at this venue. The Beatles' English tour begins, with Gerry and the Pacemakers and Tommy Quickly, at Weston-Super-Mare, Odeon Cinema. This is Tommy Quickly's debut on stage. Photographer Dezo Hoffmann is present.

John Lennon with his son, Julian, on a trip to Greece in 1967.1966--Brian Epstein, suffering from glandular fever, cancels a trip to the US, which was planned for the weekend of July 23-24.

1967--John Lennon and his son, Julian, fly from Heathrow Airport in London for a holiday in Greece.

1967--The Doors make their debut on “American Bandstand” performing Light My Fire.

1968--The Beatles in the recording studio (Studio One, EMI Studios, London). Good Night is re-recorded in its entirety, from start to finish, after the recording of the orchestra and choral tracks. Don't Pass Me By is completed, the tinkling piano intro being recorded in four takes and then spliced onto the beginning of the song. The Beatles Anthology 3 includes an orchestral piece recorded during this session as an introduction to Ringo's Don't Pass Me By (Disc one, Track one). This intro was omitted from the final version of the song.

1969--The Beatles in the recording studio (Studio Three, EMI Studios, London). Recording overdubs for Come Together. And Paul McCartney records yet another lead vocal for Oh! Darling, still looking for a satisfactory performance.

John Lennon at the Imagine piano in the Tittenhurst mansion.1971--Filming for “Imagine”: Day Two. John Lennon and Yoko Ono are filmed for one of the most memorable and most-seen sequences from the finished project: with the early morning mist still swirling around the grounds of their Tittenhurst mansion, the couple walk up the path toward the entrance of the house, which has “This Is Not Here” written above the door. This scene will serve as a wonderful opening to the song Imagine. After four retakes, John and Yoko then film scenes of them wandering around the grounds calling out to each other. Later in the afternoon, inside the mansion, another memorable scene takes place: John Lennon is filmed in the music room at the white grand piano singing Imagine, while Yoko opens the shutters on the windows to let in the light. Filming continues with John and Yoko playing pool with John wearing a blindfold. With most of the day’s shooting complete, John sits for the photograph that will appear on the Imagine album cover, the event also included in the film. The day ends with Yoko giving John a haircut, but, surprisingly, this is not captured on film.

Singer-actor Bobby Darin1972--CBS-TV premieres Bobby Darin's variety show, “The Bobby Darin Amusement Company.” The biggest hit of Darin’s career was 1959's Mack the Knife.

1979--Little Richard's latest gig is saving souls as the Rev. Richard Penniman. He tells a congregation in California, "If God can save an old homosexual like me, he can save anybody."

1988--Five hundred US scientists pledge to boycott the Pentagon’s germ-warfare research.

Yoko Ono's album, Feeling The Space.1993--Bob Dylan spends the day house hunting in London.

1997--In the UK, Rykodisc issues the second batch of their Yoko Ono CDs, which include Fly (1971), Approximately Infinite Universe (1973), Feeling The Space (1973), and A Story (1974), the later being originally recorded during her separation from John Lennon.

1998--US President Bill Clinton signs a bill designed to mold the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) into a “friendlier, fairer tax collector.” Democrat and Republican lawmakers attended the bill-signing ceremony at the White House.

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